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Why Kilimanjaro and why Sporting Family Change? When I signed up for this challenge little did I know that I was going to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, which has put a completely different spin on this challenge. You might then therefore be questioning why I am not raising money for a cancer charity but for Sporting Family Change? The reason is as a lifelong lover of sport and fitness and understanding the benefits not only for your health but for the social barriers it can overcome, which is at the heart of Sporting Family Change's ethos, that I want to give others the opportunities I have enjoyed over the years. Having spoken to a few people who have climbed Kilimanjaro, I'm under no illusion this is not going to a little stroll up a hill, especially whilst I will still be undergoing chemotherapy at the time of the climb. I am determined to give this a go, but whether I make 2 days or the climb to the summit, I will do everything within my power to achieve this. I have been told this is more of a mental than physical challenge and if I can fight cancer, then I will give this mountain one hell of a go. Like everyone climbing for Sporting Family Change I am self-financing my trip, so that every penny raised goes to this fantastic cause. Thank you.


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