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I am doing a skydive for Prospect's Trust at Snakehall Farm on the 8th of June. I am doing this for 3 reasons:

1. My 85 year young father in law (who does voluntary work one day a week there)is doing this skydive and the charity wanted people to jump with him, how could I tell him no!!!

2. The charity, Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm is a care farm that trains adults with learning difficulties in farming and gardening during the week and I know that they do a marvellous job of changing these people's lives.

3. My brother in law is a manager at Snakehall Farm in Cambridgeshire and allows Cubs and Scouts to camp there at weekends at a reasonable rate. All the money raised goes to improving the facilities which in turn improves the camping experience for the Cubs and Scouts too!

Please help me fundraise for this wonderful farm. Every little bit goes a long way and don't forget to gift aid if you can.

Thank you.