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Last year I was joined by family, friends, colleagues and students to run 5k to mark Equal Pay Day and raise funds for our local equality champions, Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC). Equal Pay Day is the day each year that the Fawcett Society calculates that because of the gap in pay between men and women that women effectively stop getting paid and start working for free.
I vowed to run an #EqualPay5k every year, hoping that each year I would running closer to New Year’s Eve, depressingly though things have got worse, I’ve only ran once since last year and put on weight whilst, more depressingly, the gender pay gap has remained unmoved. Yep, you read right Equal Pay Day this year is on exactly the same day as it was last year, not even advanced by a day.
I will be running, or making some sweaty approximation of moving forwards, my #EqualPay5k on Thursday 9 November at 12 noon at the University of Northampton’s Park Campus (meet in the library foyer). If you can join me please do, if you can’t please think about sponsoring me.