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Equine Partners CIC offer Equine Assised Learning to families in need of help with a variety of issues.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions involve horses and
humans working together for emotional growth and learning. EAL
is a powerful and effective approach that has incredible impact
on individuals, young people and families.

The exercises provide a metaphor for situations outside the environment they are conducted in. Because these are non-judgmental and not confrontational the participants are relaxed and can be encouraged to take what they learn about themselves and their circumstances and apply it in their daily lives.

We address a wide variety of issues including family relationships, self-esteem, fear, hygiene, recovery from and the leaving behind of unhelpful experiences and memories. We have worked with young people who have ADHD or Autism, those going into foster care, families recovering from domestic abuse, sexual abuse and to avert adoption breakdown.

I would like to raise the funds to cover the costs associated with offering a full series of 6 sessions for a family who is not able to get funding from elsewhere.