London Marathon for SportInspired

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I'm running the London Marathon again, although this year with a difference...I'm running for an awesome charity called SportInspired.

Who are they? Well, if you're from UBS I hope the name sounds familiar, but for those not in the loop, they are an award-winning national charity which uses the power of sport to help deprived young people achieve their full potential by being more confident, developing new skills and leading healthier lives.

UBS is actually one of SportInspired’s founding partners and together they won a London Sport Award in January for their partnership work in Hackney which dates back for over 8 years. As part of UBS' support for SportInspired, they also raise funds internally which gets matched to further extend the legacy of theprogramme. During the partnership, UBS have supported 5,489 primary school children to find a sport they love, trained 411 young leaders to be more confident and they have worked with 2,409 of our colleagues.

As you can probably guess, they make some fantastic impact in the local communities where they work and they are committed to using the funding I raise to expand their reach and impact even further. For example:
• £100 will pay for a coach to inspire a full school for a week in sports such as Fencing and Taekwondo
• £50 will support a child in their programme to do sport for a full year
• £30 will support a class to do sport for a week

UBS have also offered to match fund all donations from UBS Staff, so it’s time to dig deep and help me hit my target. I do love running, and definitely agree with SportInspired that everyone should be able to find a sport they love. So please help me help them provide opportunities to do that. I’m gunning for raising £2,000 in a week, and literally help a whole school have a new sport for a year, although to be honest, as you can see from what they do above, any amount towards that would be great and make a real