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As I may have said at some length on social media, I hate the fact that we need food banks but I have been rendered utterly furious this week by the antics of the government.  Cutting red ribbons on new food banks like this is clever, having buffets after they open them and suggesting that people can cook a meal for 30p a go.

So I want to put this energy into something positive and raise money for Fair Frome's food bank.  Demand is going up because of the fall in Universal Credit and the rise in energy bills, never mind the rise in food prices.  But this also means that some people can afford to give less, and so many of their shelves are bare.  They haven't got enough to give to the people who need it most.

So I'm asking you to give some money to turn into food.  Just a fiver would be great, but if you are currently OK, why not give up your coffees out for a week and give £12.50 - that could be a food parcel for a single person for three days.  Or don't get a takeaway this week and give a bit more - that might be a food parcel for a whole family.

We're all only a few pieces of bad luck away from needing a food bank ourselves, so let's give as much as we can.

(ps.  This website seems to think I should be running a marathon to be raising money.  I'm not.  But if you raise enough, I might shut up for 24 hours...)


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Angela Pater
26 May, 2022

Thank you for organising this

Nicholas Cotterell
24 May, 2022

Mel Day
24 May, 2022

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17 May, 2022
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