Wing Walking for The Collett School

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Normally you fly inside a plane, but on 11th June 2017 I'll be whizzing through the air while standing on the wing of a 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane to raise money for charity.

During this hair-raising 130mph ride I'll take part in a variety of flypasts and manoeuvres, with a dive from 500ft and zoom climb, then a final “Run and Break” before landing.

I'm taking part in this crazy endeavour to raise money for The Collett School, a special educational needs school attended by children from Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties.

Half of the children are under the care of Great Ormond Street, with many having syndromes including Down's and autism. Two pupils have very rare conditions; one of whom is only one of two in the world, and the other who is one of only six in the world.

You can read more about the school's work here:

I'd be really grateful for any donations that help me raise money for this worthwhile cause - be sure to tick the Gift Aid box to maximise the funds we can raise.

Thank you!