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This year if I'm honest I really didn't fancy doing another challenge. Last years wheelchair mission to Liverpool was an amazing experience and my hope was I could retire having hopefully inspired my fellow Urmstonians into fundraising action on behalf of The Riff Raff Society and I'm very pleased that we have eight fundraisers already signed up to contribute to the Casey Westwood Riff Raff Appeal this year. As it goes Ian Jones scuppered my retirement plans when he approached me in The Moss Vale Pub. Ian was full of enthusiasm and Stella and convinced me to put my mind to devising a madcap adventure that we could complete in tandom. Ian has the sort of rubbery vulnerable face it's hard to say 'no' to. He was like an innocent toddler full of dreams and wonder. So rather than crush Ian's dreams my non-retirement was confirmed and 'Team Nutbar' was formed. A select band of Urmstonian Champions have pledged to invade Yorkshire by wheelbarrow. On July 19th we will be leaving Manchester Piccadilly Station at 6a.m as part of The riff Raff Society's Trans Pennine Wheelbarrow Squad. We will be passing through the towns of North Manchester by pavement before joining the Trans-pennine Trail at Hadfield to go up and over the high Pennine peaks before invading Yorkshire (Sheffield). The plan is to arrive at Sheffield Train Station (43 Miles) in time to catch the last train back to Manc-land at 22.24. We are raising funds for The Riff Raff Society - Casey Westwood Appeal Please check out for more details I know us Brits get spanked for charitable donations left, right & chelsea so please know how grateful we are for your help. As ever The Riff Raff Society want to make a real positive impact in our local community and we intend to dramatically improve Casey Westwood's circumstance this year. Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to support myself, Casey & the society.

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Helen Ferguson
19 Jul, 2014

Mary West
19 Jul, 2014

Good luck with this!

Colin Taylor
18 Jul, 2014

Carol Mort      Top Donor     
11 Jul, 2014


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