A Half Marathon for Happiness

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Depression sucks - trust me. And if you don't trust me then trust the 16 million people in the UK who will be diagnosed with a mental illness this year.

Whilst there are many worthy charities that strive to help those with depression, The Blurt Foundation is the one that helped me the most. They don't bombard you with medical jargon, suicide statistics or cliched catchphrases, they just focus on the little day to day things, the 'how-will-I-physically-muster-the-energy-to-make-a-bowl-of-cereal-today' things, and the 'well-done-me-I-got-out-of-my-bedroom-today' things.

We are fortunate enough to live in a society that is slowly but surely breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health, but the harsh reality of depression is that it is still a very lonely illness. The Blurt Foundation works to break down the invisible walls that depression cunningly constructs.

Firstly, their myriad of online resources and blog posts offers advice to those that are supporting someone with depression. They explain the way that depression manifests itself in a person's actions and emotions, and not as a series of alien chemical processes in the brain.

Secondly, and most importantly, The Blurt Foundation compiles and distributes the BuddyBox: a box full of at least five lovely items that encourage self care, self love and self worth. They remind recipients that someone cares for them and that they too should care for themselves - that despite what their depression might be telling them, they are not alone.

For this reason, I have set my fundraising target as £260, enough money to send a BuddyBox once a month, for 12 whole months, to a stranger in need. I will be running the Cambridge Boundary Run Half Marathon on the 11th of March for The Blurt Foundation, but also for myself, to prove that whilst depression held me down for a long time, it never, ever beat me.