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Hi Friends! I am fundraising for a fantastic local charity, North London Cares, and would love it if you could sponsor me to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 8 October 2017. Why should you sponsor me? Well, aside from the fact that this will be huge personal challenge for me, having never run anything like 13.1 miles, North London Cares is a simply wonderful charity that really deserves your dosh! North London Cares aims to reduce isolation and loneliness amongst older people by bringing together younger and older neighbours in North London (there's also South London Cares for anyone on the wrong side of the river). I got involved with North London Cares earlier this year by volunteering at the social clubs organised by the charity. The older neighbours love attending movie nights, cooking clubs, and quizzes with us younger volunteers who really help to put a smile on their faces as we spend time together in the community. I attend a monthly singing club in Camden, and have made some great friends both young and old. If you want an idea of what some of our neighbours are like, check out my neighbour Lil on the One Show telling Richard Curtis what she thought of his film, Notting Hill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLmev0gJjio (yes, she is that funny in real life). As you can see, I feel really passionate about fundraising for NLC, and I hope you can help me out by sparing a few pennies for this brilliant cause. And what's more, the first £300 I raise will be matched by LocalGiving! So please help in any way you can, and if you're about in London on 8 October, come and cheer me on and celebrate with me if I make it across the finish line! Thanks in advance! Amy xx

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Simon Bone
14 Oct, 2017

With love from you all us Bones for your weary bones xxx

Lauren Williams
11 Oct, 2017

Laura Parker
11 Oct, 2017

Well done Amy xx love the Parkers x

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