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Across Wales, 23% of households are struggling with fuel poverty. Some are in crisis, and are finding themselves without heating or lighting. Often these families are having to make the decision between heating and eating. Whilst local food banks can help provide food, we are looking to come alongside them to provide vouchers for fuel, so that they can cook and keep themselves warm. From Jan - Mar 2018 we have already received 37 requests for help - and it's a growing need. How the funding will be spent We need to raise £3,600 for a pilot project in North Wales. This will provide the funding needed for fuel vouchers together with the infrastructure needed to run the project. This short pilot will enable us to engage with other services and support providers, raising awareness of the project and building relationships. It will also help strengthen a bid for further funding with various trusts and grant agencies later in the year. How this will benefit the community According to the Welsh government ( just over 39,000 households are in fuel poverty from Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy to Denbighshire. We simply want to reduce this figure, and catch those who might fall through the net into fuel crisis and go without electricity or gas, heating or lighting. Our aim is simply to provide a safety net, dealing with the crisis by topping up their gas / electric for up to a month whilst referring them on to support agencies to help prevent this in the future. Find out More: Find out more about the FuelBank and news about the crowdfunding campaign on our news page - new information added daily during the campaign -
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Richard Parkhouse
29 Apr, 2018
Many blessings
Ivan Segovia-lebuy
29 Apr, 2018
To God be the Glory
Sara Evans
26 Apr, 2018
Great stuff, keep up the good work!
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