Imara's staff, volunteers and supporters are teaming up this September to run the Nottingham Half Marathon and we need YOUR support!

Why are we fundraising?
Our clients are always going through a roller coaster of recovery through everyday life from the trauma they have survived. We are currently running a project to renovate the therapy rooms, waiting area and garden in our new building to create safe and welcoming spaces for our clients to use while they're working with Imara. This is called the Imara Sanctuary Space Project.

Did you Know?
Imara is not a government funded organisation therefore it is vital to pay for our general running expenses like stationery, art materials, therapy rooms to ensure we continue to support victims of Child Abuse.The Sanctuary Spaces Project is going to cost a total of £7,500, but we need your help to support the funding of it!

What does Imara do?
Imara works with children. teenagers and families after a disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse. We offer early intervention support in the form of three strands.

Legal: Information, advice and consistent contact throughout the judicial process, support at Video Interview and medical examinations.

Therapeutic: Specialist assessment and therapeutic session to help with recovery in areas such as anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and flashbacks.

Advocacy: Support with education, health, housing and financial concerns.

We work closely with other professionals to ensure that the child's voice is heard.

Every penny does help towards this important project! Dig deep and, if you fancy the challenge yourself, please contact us at ( for more information.