In lieu of flowers for Allen Speed & any donations

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Dan Melia
27 Jul, 2019

Suzy Childerley
06 Jun, 2019

R.I.P. Dad/Grandad xx❤️

Steven Jenkins
03 Jun, 2019

Update from Chantay

We are nearly there ppl. £20 to the £400 target. Thanks so much to those that already donated.

(Update posted on June 7, 2019 20:45)
Chantay's fundraising stats
Online donations: £390.00
Match funding: £0.00
Raised offline: £10.00
Gift Aid: £33.75
Total raised: £433.75
Chantay is fundraising for John Eastwood Hospice Trust

The hospice is a specialist palliative care unit for those whose illness cannot be cured.
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