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Hi I’m james

I work for Southern water as waste water operative in the kent area

Back in 2007 I found out the cause of my wieght gain from a 32” waist weighing at nearly 10 stone to going to to 42” inch wast to almost 17 stone In just months.The cause was my thyroid had gone 50 times under-active.

But in 2017 I had got to almost 44” waist and almost 18 stone till I found some one to help me lose the wieght which quickly I saw a change. So I decided that I would book place to do Tough mudder on the 22nd September 2018 which consists of a course over 10-12 miles with 20+ obstacles to give me a goal to work to.

But I have also decided that I would give myself a bigger goal and try to raise £1000 for SERV Sussex who over the last couple of years through biking I have attended the Easter egg runs and Toy runs to Eastbourne and Conquest hospitals for the children.

For those who don’t know SERV provide a free service to the NHS to transport breast milk for newborns from donors ,emergency blood products, X-rays, patient notes, time-critical laboratory samples and test results to hospitals and medical facilities at night, on request. So SERV constantly needs to raise money in order to be able to keep their bikes well maintained and on the road, as well as covering other overheads such as the emergency phone line to the hospitals and other general operational expenses. They rely on donations to both increase their bike fleet and support their committed volunteers to deliver this vital service.

This is why have chosen them to raise money for them so if you can help me to my target of £1000 which will go to a good cause but will also push me harder with training and at the event