My nephew is throwing me out of a plane!

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My wonderful nephew Alex was born with a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia.
His last MRI scan showed that his condition is progressive, which is potentially devastating. Yet this amazing young man continues to defy his diagnoses.
He loves life, music, pokemon and his family and friends. He is loyal, and funny and has a wicked smile! Sometimes, it is easy to forget about his disability, because he seems to cope so well... However, behind the scenes, these past couple of years have been really difficult for him, physically and mentally.
But then he moved to a new school, and suddenly everything was better. Who knew a school could be fun!! But it is. Since September, he has performed for the entire school, got a gold award, enjoyed cooking, horse care, swimming, softplay, trampolining, football and even some learning :)
He is now able to read. He has made lots of new friends, and gained confidence and independence. He is happy.
When his incredible mum, my big sister, told me she was jumping out of a plane to raise money for his school, I couldn't help but get involved.
They really do amazing things and have literally changed Alex's life. We would like to raise money to help the school continue to do amazing things for it's amazing children.
Please donate what you can. Thanks Joe, Tracey & Alex (but mainly Alex)!!