Liam's boots were made for walking!

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On Saturday 29th July 2017 Liam will walk two laps around Chineham race track, in the village park using his splints. If he gets a bit tired Mummy and Daddy will be there to carry him along.

This challenge is being attempted in support of a local charity, Muffin's Dream Foundation who support children with a long term disability or illness. The charity hosts a range of activities such as horse riding, cycling, rock climbing, sensory play as well as offering advice and support to families.

Muffin's Dream Foundation was introduced to us after Liam was diagnosed with a neuro muscular condition. In Liam's instance the nerves in his lower limbs do not tell the muscles in his lower limbs to grow, and so Liam has very little strength and muscular development in his lower limbs.

Liam is a naturally determined and strong willed boy and last year completed the Muffin Mile with the support of a Kaye Frame. What a difference a year makes! In September 2016 Liam's left foot was set in cast and in December 2016 Liam was given splints to wear in his shoes for additional leg support. On Christmas Eve a much longed for dream came true when we watched our son take his first steps in splints. Liam's strength and stamina grows every day, he no longer uses a Kaye frame and relies on his wheelchair only when he is physically tired. Words cannot describe how proud we are of our son and all that he has overcome and achieved in his 4 years. We are also truly thankful to our wonderful NHS and those who work tirelessly for it.

Through Muffin's Dream Foundation Liam has enjoyed activities such as horse riding and trampolining and in the future we hope he will go rock climbing, cycling, amongst other activities.

As Liam's parents we have been provided with practical advice and support from the charity and are making good friends along the way.

If you can, please join us in supporting this amazing but small charity so they can continue with their fabulous work. Thank you x