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Hello, for those of you that don't know my little Jessica has special needs, she is 6 years old, non verbal with Global Development Delay and Dyspraxia. She is the most beautiful girl inside and out. My little ray of sunshine! Spreads love and happiness wherever she goes. She has a lot of struggles on a daily basis but you would never know as she always has a smile on her face. A little trooper! She needs extra help with most daily tasks that your typical 6 year old takes for granted. One of these things is speech and the extra help she is getting for this is from Chiltern Music Therapy. They use musical instruments and singing to help improve her words.
I'm hoping to raise some much needed money for this amazing charity that have helped Jessica through her struggles with one thing she absolutely loves, Music. Chiltern Music Therapy help hundreds of people with varying needs from speech and language/communication difficulties like Jessica to people with Parkinson's disease and mobility problems and a lot more. You're money will help pay for musical instruments or fund vital therapy sessions.