Liz's Half Marathon

A fundraising project by Elizabeth Horwell

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I am running the Oxford Half Marathon on 8th October and would like to use this massive personal challenge to help keep Oxford Baby Cafes running, so that other local mums can get the support that I needed and benefited from so much.
The mixture of expert breastfeeding support in an informal setting, alongside mum to mum support is unique to Baby Cafe & can be a literal lifesaver.
NHS breastfeeding support in Oxford is by referral, for mums of babies under 6 weeks only. Without Baby Cafe many many mums would never achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Anyone who knows me will agree that 'natural athlete' is definitely NOT a phrase you would use to describe me!! My school PE teacher would probably be astonished that I am even contemplating this.
Training alongside work and looking after my boys is a big challenge - I really am working hard for this!
Even if you don't care about the cause, please consider sponsoring a fat girl to run!!