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Join us this Pride Month in supporting the incredible work that Gendered Intelligence does to create a world where trans, non-binary and gender questioning people live healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.     
Don't forget to add your name to the donation or else you wont be entered into the raffle!
£3 - one raffle entry
£6 - two entries into the raffle and a complementary entry to the quiz night

  • Remember | To make your entry count, leave your full name and surname with your donation - because we want to celebrate YOU properly when you win. Please make sure you don't select Gift Aid as you cannot claim this benefit on a Raffle.
  • Deadline | Donate by June 26th EOD. The Raffle Prize winners will be announced at  our Quiz Extravaganza on June 27th!
  • Extravaganza Quiz Night | After donating £6+ please RSVP 


Gendered Intelligence

London | Community Support & Development

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Gendered Intelligence is a trans-led charity enhancing understanding of gender diversity and improving trans lives through services, education, and policy influence.

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Gendered Intelligence Trans Youth Summer Camp Appeal 2024

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