Marcia Loves Selby Tony!

A fundraising project by Marcia Mackey

o £2,000

diwrnod ar ôl

Cyfrannu nawr

I've been involved with this amazing project since 2009 and it is now very close to its aim of making a floating, creative arts space on the River Ouse in York - an Arts Barge. This space will be open to residents and the public and will be a wonderful, vibrant creative hub for the city.

Since 2009, The Arts Barge Project has managed to become a central part of the community in York - reaching out and involving many thousands of people in the arts. The project is now very well known for its commitment to making the arts a central and important part of our daily experience as residents or as visitors to the city.

As well as a large number of wonderful and well-attended community events, the project has managed to buy a large heritage barge, Selby Tony, which now has planning permission to become York's only floating community arts space!

So, now we just need to get on with fitting it out and getting those doors open and the public on board...