Mayor of Beaconsfield's appeal 2016-17

A fundraising project by Councillor Patrick Hogan

of £10,000

days left

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The Mayor Patrick Hogan writes “each year in May, a new Mayor is elected for the Town and a charity or charities sponsored for the coming year. I have chosen two very worthy charities delivering services locally. As a boy I benefited from a Christian charitable foundation providing support in difficult times, and my first charity is ‘Padstones’. Padstones provides secure accommodation for young people typically 16/17 years old who find themselves homeless, and as the name implies gives them support. Through care and counselling they are helped to get a foothold for the future by Education, Employment or Training; opportunities which they might otherwise be denied. Having seen my father and other close relatives & friends suffering distressing terminal illnesses, my second charity is ‘Rennie Grove Hospice Care’. This charity provides palliative end-of-life care for those of all ages, such that they might choose to be supported in a hospice or at home, by a dedicated local team”.

The charities supported by the Mayor’s Appeal continuously provide service to the community and there is no shortage of deserving recipients for the care they can provide, and this of course costs money. Additionally as well as specialist staff, there are physical buildings to be maintained and improved or further accommodation built as funds permit.

Beaconsfield is a wealthy town, and the aim is to maximise the contribution from the community & businesses to these charities. At the end of the quite quickly passing 12 months, the monies raised will be assessed with the charities and the optimum use of the money identified in funding local services or supporting particular projects, to provide feedback to contributors.

What your gift could provide:
£20: an hour of nursing care at home
£40: an assessment visit to draw up a personal care plan
£100: two family support sessions following child bereavement