The Mayor of Bracknell's Community Leaders

A fundraising project by Ashley Merry

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This year I am supporting 'Actively combating isolation and loneliness' across all ages with the focus being on 'empowering individuals to help themselves’ and to enjoy a better quality of life through specific projects.

We will be working alongside Fixers to deliver this initiative on the ground. Recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and the National Lottery’s Charity of the Year Award 2014, people nationwide have become ‘Fixers’ and worked hard to create positive social change. They have learnt the hard way, had negative experiences they don’t want others to have and made mistakes they don’t want others to make. These highly motivated people influence other people and the world to ‘fix’ thorny issues.

All monies raised will be used in Bracknell and will benefit Bracknell residents. We will be using celebrities and PR to ensure this mayor initiative engages at every level and across all sectors of the Bracknell community. This year is a big year as Bracknell Town is undergoing a huge regeneration project with completion Spring 2017 so the spotlight is on us!