Michael Jackson & Bubbles Manc Marathon Backwards

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It's a great pleasure to be involved with the Riff Raff Society. The best thing of all is I get to float my most ridiculous ideas and make them happen. For anyone who was a kid in the late 70's early 80's we had Tiswas and Why Don't U. Both shows inspired me. The Custard Pie fights and general madness of Tiswas now manifest at our social gatherings. Why don't You? That my friends is my little self inflicting pain devil moto, Those words spontaneously create the most ridiculous sporting challenges thoughts into my cabbage locker. I consider myself blessed to be physically able enough to attempt these Ridiculous challenges and I also feel lucky to have a pig headed Iron Will. Nothing will stop me doing THE MANCHESTER MARATHON BACKWARDS! This years Riff Raff Marathon Team are a beautiful bunch. We have a number of Men & Ladies that have never considered running this kind of distance. We have Lee Parker who has completely changed his life this year (6 stone weight loss with this being the Uber Icing on his new buff me cake) & we have Stephen Collins a fella who has had some foot health issues but is twice as pig headed as me and will complete this race even if he has to do it over night. Back to Tiswas Can 26 miles backwards be fun? Somehow I have convinced the Riff Raff Hall of Fame Boxer Stephen Tanswell (2 & 0) to Accompany me dressed as Bubbles the Monkey (Forward Facing) I will be dressed as a Phoenix Nights Style Michael Jackson and we will have 'Off The Wall' playing the whole way round on repeat. I have had some beautiful conversations over the years with people who say that they wait for my big silly sponsored challenge to do their bit for charity for the year by sponsoring me. That really fills me with joy so Thankyou for helping my long winded cheesy 'You can do anything if you really try' campaign become the extra cheesy 'We can do anything if we really try!' Steve and I are doing this for Michaela's Cancer Fight Fund

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Localgiving Team
01 May, 2017

Congratulations Martin - you've won an extra £100 for The Riff Raff Society by being fantastic fundraisers!

Mark Wild
18 Apr, 2017

Mark Wild
13 Apr, 2017

Well done Greenfly !!! Love from the Wildos !!!

Laura Manley      Top Donor     
31 Mar, 2017

Best of luck guys! Another great fundraising effort! We will be looking out for you in Altrincham.

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