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I have known Hayley for years and years and she is lovely.  She has had a completley torrid couple of years. Losing her partner Rob to a heart failure then being hit herself by the Big C ! Hayley is battling through and winning her way back from Ovarian Cancer and much more... I had already signed up to do the Manchester Marathon for the Riff Raff Soceity so I am really thrilled that they are now planning to send Hayley & children  Adam & Chloe to Lapland this Christmas as a Thankyou to the children for being so amazing through the shocking experience. Fitness is my job but 26 miles on concrete is serious shizzle. That serious that I may have to dress up as Wonder Woman or super Girl to get me through as Richard has requested this !! So proud to have a go at this for Hayley and this amazing local charity who really make a difference to Mancs facing hardship. Mancs like my mate Hayley. Thankyou my lovely friends for any donations.❤
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Joanne Brown
17 Apr, 2019
Well done on the local hero leader board!
Jude Ackerman
08 Apr, 2019
Aw well done Jeanette. Splitting donation with you & Helen. Sorry it’s small bit sponsored a few already. Every bit helps. Good luck to your lovely friend x😘 x Jude Ackerman
Sarah Liversage
08 Apr, 2019
Well done from the Liversages x
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