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This is a fun raffle to raise much needed funds for my local rescue charity, PENDLE DOGS IN NEED. As many of you saw status the “Truth behind lockdown pups” status, these charities are currently over run with rescuing these dogs, absolutely through No fault of their own! A small team of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to find these broken babies their forever homes! They pay independently for kennel costs whilst campaigning for possible foster homes for the dogs. I CANNOT DECIDE ON A NAME FOR MINE!!! We have had such a laugh - some of the suggestions you have come up with have been HILARIOUS! I love ALL your suggestions! BUT I JUST CAN’T CHOOSE!!! So I need your help and a few of you came up with the following idea.
This is going to be a charity raffle. You can donate anything you can afford, I know times have been hard for us all recently. All you have to do is choose your name and donate any amount. £1, £2, £5, £10 whatever!!! Anonymously is FINE but please can you PM me with your name.  I will use a random generator next Monday 25th October 2021 and choose a number which will be allocated to you in the order names are secured! I STILL DONT KNOW WHAT NAME ME AND DAN ARE GOING TO SECURE !!!!
I’m also doing this in memory of my baby girl Jawsie. I have been completely and utterly heartbroken & despairing this last 18months and I’m so grateful for all your support. I had resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t ever have another fur baby, ESPECIALLY A LITTLE ONE! If I hadn’t decided to become a foster mummy because I needed to do something with this gaping hole in my heart, none of this would have happened.I didn’t expect it and was determined to love and rehabilitate any soul to come through my door in order to get them ready for their “forever home” … I knew within 2 hours this boy was going nowhere. He is a cheeky mischievous loving boy and we are healing each other. So thankyou Jawsie for sending him to me & thank you ALL for your continued love and support. X

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Christine Heywood
23 Oct, 2021


Diane Bradley
23 Oct, 2021

Lucky 💙

Anonymous donor
23 Oct, 2021


Joshua Godsey      Top Donor     
19 Oct, 2021

Chosen name is Jackson

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