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11,000 children in Milton Keynes live in poverty.
There are thousands of children each day who arrive at school already hungry and leave at the end of the day knowing that they’ll go without an evening meal and will lie in bed with their tummy hurting that night.

St Mark's work with local organisations and schools to provide meal boxes for families to take home, each box costs about £5.

My dad grew up on free school meals and often needed help from other people and the local shop keeper to fill the gaps in thier family budget from time to time.

It is really sad that this many children still go to bed hungry in places like Milton Keynes.  And I hope that the money we can raise together will help make a little bit of a difference. 

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Diane Kearton
11 Oct, 2021

Go Noah! Great cause!

Anonymous donor
09 Oct, 2021

Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
01 Sep, 2021

Update from Noah

This week I am starting my training. Please see this blog page for more news about what I am doing and about St Mark's Meals

(Update posted on October 17, 2021 16:25)

Noah's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 61 days.

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01 Sep, 2021

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Noah is fundraising for St Mark's Meals (Project of St Mark's MK)

No child should have to go to bed hungry, ever.
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About Brutal - Spider Hill

Spider Hill at Long Valley is yet another great challenging route and is back for 2021! A single 10K lap route including Alligator Swamp, Swan Lake, Muddy Mile and Duck Pond. This is our wettest Brutal race and a favourite amongst our regular Brutaleers! The route has a gentle run out to a steep climb, before heading up and out into the open through a series of climbs and a couple of marshes, to the 5km point. Then heading for the wet and into the first cooling marsh, through that and in quick succession it’s into Alligator Swamp, followed by Swan Lake. Drop down onto the Muddy Mile with two steep climb outs, there is a view for many miles at the 8km point. Next heading for the Duck Pond and a wee bit more wet, onto a very steep short uphill followed by a fast descent and onto another couple of testing hills before heading back to the finish.

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