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We were delighted to announce that the application to the PEOPLE'S POSTCODE LOTTERY for the Urban Nature Garden was a success. This development is quite an undertaking for staff/volunteers of the Community Centre and it has taken a long time to bring the various contributions together into one place. Perhaps you read the article in the Focus Magazine earlier in the year when we appealed to residents and former pupils of the Park Street Infants School to help us build on the success by raising more money towards the 'greening' of our outside space? That first shout-out raised a further £500 and there is still time to make a contribution.  Thank you.

After a decade-long campaign led by local residents the Abergavenny Community Centre now occupies the former 'Park Street Infants School' - a landmark, Victorian building nestled among the terraced houses built for railway workers in the 1800's. 

Being a former school means that the Centre has a lot of hardstanding in the form of tarmac  playgrounds. When we secured a lease in 2015 we started to 'green and soften' the hard landscape by building raised beds and dotting pots and tubs around the place to help people navigate an area previously occupied by three demountable classrooms which fell into a state of dilapidation and subsequently removed in 2012 - leaving behind a raft of small problems, and large.

We care about people and the natural world which has a profound influence on any improvments we carry out over the next two decades.  We take a long view in how we approach the future which also means that any course of action is always measured - and barring emergencies - happens in a methodical, locical and needs-based way. Not getting ahead of ourselves will help us to manage precious resources wisely - including our own capacity to last the distance whilst also creating time and space for the generation which follows ours, to embed.   We are building capacity which happens over time. 

The Nature Garden is the next natural step, and we know that it is because we've been watching and listening over many years.  We also see who or what can't come yet because there's still more work to be done to make the place safe, sustainable and relevant. Close observation by manyperspectives over decades has shone a light on how the outdoor areas can adapt to meet present needs while improving biodiversity, protecting nature and nurturing community connections now, for the future.

There are many priorities to tackle, and since taking occupation in 2015 we slowly build up a picture of where to direct precious resources [time, money, and 'stuff'.] After creating a safe entrance up from the carpark in 2018 - as part of the urban nature garden upgrade we will llay a new pedestrian path.   [Thank you to the Welsh Churches Fund for making a financial contribution towards funding these necessary works.]

Public Appeal  [July - October 2022]
To build on the progress we've made we are dedicating more hardstanding back to nature. We need to raise at least £20K to carry out the physical aspects of the work. To raise such a large sum of money we have been exploring different ways of going about it, including a public appeal.  

Please support our efforts. You can make a donation towards our work at any time.      
Please note that donations over £199.00 should be made directly into our bank account. For details please email Thank you.


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