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Out and About is a terrific project (managed by City and Hackney Carers Centre) for Hackney residents who are aged 50 or above and identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer (LGBTQ+). The project has been running for one year, offering free life coaching and more for LGBTQ+ elders who would like to see a change in their lives. And, as of March 2018, the project's funding will be this: nada. Nothing. Zero. Zip. And that's not ok! In an attempt to raise some £££ to keep the group going, our LGBTQ+ Project Coordinator, Anne-Marie (a queer single mama and defiant non-runner) - is going to lever her behind off the sofa, attempt to encourage her little stubby legs to start running, and then keep that up for an ENTIRE FIVE KILOMETRES. Will it be possible? Who can say? It's entirely likely she'll keel over halfway through, sobbing into a puddle of her own sweat and demanding an IV drip of organic merlot, STAT. But she's determined to give it a go, as the project is so excellent, and Hackney's LGBT+ elders so awesome - so we've had to let her. Watch this space... and please please please - dig into your pocket, grab a pound, and fling it at LocalGiving so we can make this happen.
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Paul Dicks      Top Donor     
02 Feb, 2018
Very happy to support such a worthy cause. xx
Anonymous donor
02 Feb, 2018
Great idea - let’s do it!
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