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Rather than asking you to sponsor me for 1 event, this year I will be completing a range of fitness challenges in support of 'The New Forest Marathon Community Fund', please spare me a minute to tell you why...

I simply want to help to get my community active. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the right tools to get up and get moving, clubs don't have the resources, individuals can afford access to the clubs, people don't know what is available, others simply don't consider they could benefit from getting active. How can we address all of these different groups that could really benefit from our support to get into sport?

There are so many fantastic organisations supporting our community at all ages, your donations to 'The Fund' will help to support all of these groups in running projects that will support and inspire people to become more active.
Your one donation will help dozens of different organisations and thousands of individuals (young + old) through the New Forest region.

My list of challenges is long and varied but it involves me cycling hundreds of miles, running almost as far and often completing both activities on the same day.

current list of challenges is;

Ride London- 100 miles in the world biggest bike ride. DONE - 5hrs 19mins.

New Forest Marathon - Mixed surface marathon through the heart of the forest. (My only long distance run of the year)

NewForest 100 - Bike ride 1 week after the marathon, ouch...

Hobourne5 - flat, fast 5 mile road running race.

Badminton Horseless Trials - All of the jumps and water ditches we see during the Equine event, just no horses to help. (Half marathon)

Thruxton duathlon- run, ride, run around the Thruxton race course. 10's of laps under human power only!

Devil's punch - another long ride to end the road racing season.

Anything you can give will be much appreciated by me and the hundred of people your support will benefit.
Thank you