YOUNG KENT - Rob Marsh's team test Abseil Rope

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We hope to raise £1.5k by abseiling 1128 feet between 3 of us.. nearly there THANKS!! It was an amazing day!

On 7 March we did the YOUNG KENT ORBIT ABSEIL CHALLENGE - abseiling from 'The Orbit' [Olympic Park as seen on The Apprentice]. We were privileged to see the Orbit - UK's tallest sculpture at the Para/Olympics.

We did this to raise adrenaline, keep young & raise money for

- Young Kent Y/K - helps young people [8-25] overcome challenges & realise their full potential in clubs and activities across Kent. Rob is a YK Trustee & is raising funds for Young Kent's “How to Save a Life” project - Life Saving Skills training for young people in Kent. We aim to train 5000 young "life savers" over 2 years. We will help Me2 as featured on TV to train young people as peer mentors supporting other young people with disabilities gain confidence to join a local youth club, make new friends and take part in other fun activities


- West Kent YMCA - "SAY YES 2YOUTH" campaign, offers counselling for vulnerable young people who can't access help they need from other agencies.

Helping Rob were:

Pippa, our younger daughter, who worked in a WestKentYMCA Shop and works for Centrepoint, tackling youth homelessness.

Lenez, Pippa's friend from uni, who is a teaching assistant with SEN children.

Could you sponsor us for as much as you can afford and use giftaid [if you pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax]

Thank you!
Rob, Pippa & Lenez
PS while I have climbed and abseiled that was a long long time ago - and this was quite a tough challenge for personal reasons - email me to find out more or for some pictures