Run for Safe! - the Six Month Challenge

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Hi All, many thanks for visiting my page! So out of craziness......a moment of weakness....a lapse in concentration....or possibly a concoction of all 3 I have decided to run the Oxford Half Marathon on 9th October 2016 and the Brighton Marathon on the 9th April 2017. This means that as of today I have just 4 months to get myself in shape for the Oxford half, before recovering and then training for the Brighton Marathon. 'No problem' I hear you say, 'that's plenty of time'. HA! What if I told you that I have NEVER attempted to run anything near a half marathon distance let alone a full one, nor did I ever intend to.

So why am I doing it?

SAFE! Support for Young People Affected by Crime is a welfare charity that supports young people aged between 8-25 throughout the Thames Valley who have been victims of crime or bullying. These young victims typically feel unsafe in their key environments; their school, town and neighbourhood; and some have become virtual prisoners in their homes. SAFE! has a positive affect on the mental health of young people by helping them to regain their confidence and a sense of safety.

I have the privilege to see the incredible work and positive affect that Safe! has on young people which acts as a constant source of inspiration and motivation to me not just in my professional life but in my personal one too.

But like every other charity out there Safe! can only support young people with the help of much needed donations and awareness. So through my sweat, tears, aches and pains I am planning to raise a target figure of £2,000.

Let the journey begin! :)