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Hello Everyone, Myself and my colleagues are going to be taking part in the 5K Colour Run in Leeds on the 30th September in order to raise money to be able to purchase Graphic Facilitation equipment for our organisation. We are aiming to raise £1700.00 to buy Graphic Facilitation Boards. What is Graphic Facilitation? Graphic Facilitation is using pictures and words to map a conversation. Graphics are used in meetings and at events so that everyone can see what is being recorded. They remind people of what has been said by using peoples own words and images. This helps everyone to take part in meetings and understand that they have been heard. They make meetings fun and memorable. Images help people to remember what has been said. Graphics help everyone think creatively and stay interested in what is being shared. Everyone present starts to open up the neglected right side of their brain and begins to see colourful and vibrant answers to questions they have been struggling with. Imagineer create graphic plans for their customers all whom have learning disabilities, physical disabilities or mental health conditions. The plans are created so the customers can identify how they want to be supported and what what they want to do with their lives. With the use of the Graphic Boards Imagineer would be able to facilitate these sessions in any venue at ease. We have previously had enquiries for this work but havent been able to do it due to not having the correct equipment. So please support us!

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Anna Birch
30 Nov, 2017

Dalziel Relton
20 Oct, 2017

Anonymous donor
20 Oct, 2017

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