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All of us deserve to be accepted and celebrated, seen and heard just as we are. We learn at a very young age whether or not we have the freedom to be authentic, to speak up and be heard or conversely if we need to reject or suppress parts of ourselves and our true nature in order to gain approval and feel loved. This charity provides a safe space in which often vulnerable children can experience complete acceptance and recognise that they matter whilst also helping the adults involved to become aware of their own history and the impact of this on their lives and relationships with their children. The theme of all my work is to help children and adults free themselves from imprints which limit them and emotional wounds which prevent them from living the life they want and deserve. Such transformation needs a special environment and this is certainly available at the charity Autism Angels. My fundraising challenge is to write a book to share the process and power of transformation making it accessible to more people. It is my hope that through the book I will be able to help many more people live the life they deserve and I would love the charity to be supported along the way. This book is about coaching, transformation and personal development. It will guide you in growing personally whilst also illustrating how to work with others in a powerful way. What I would love to have happen is to raise money for this wonderful charity and to gain support and accountability on my journey as an author. A simple donation with words of encouragement that you can't wait to read the book will make a massive difference to me and the charity. If you would like to receive a copy of the book when it is ready and want to be part of my journey you can find out how to get involved by emailing me at Thank you in advance for your support and belief in me and the charity- it means so much.
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Sarah is fundraising for Autism Angels

Working with parents and professionals to improve the lives of children on the Autism Spectrum
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