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I’m Ryan Wheeler, a professional boxer and fitness and boxing coach at Frome Boxing & Fitness at The Trainstation Gym.
During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, when the gym was closed, I wanted to keep active and motivate my clients.  I decided a distance based challenge event would be great for a ‘virtual’ team of people and also use as a fundraising event to fix the roof at the boxing gym and other local causes. After the initial challenge the group chose Fair Frome for those raising money and donations from the entry cost.

The first challenge took place in October 2020.  13 challengers completed this by running/walking every day during the month, distance in km equivalent to the days date. During December our second challenge was completed. Beginning with 25km on the 1st, reducing by 1km each day and ending with 1km on Christmas Day. 20 people completed this event, completing over 6500km across 25 days!

GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE.  The main difference from previous challenges is that we have now added cycling, rowing and swimming, alongside running and walking. 
GOLD: Starting with 1 mile on the 1st January, & adding 1 mile each day. Finally finishing on 31 miles on 31st.  This will amount to 496 miles for the whole month.
SILVER: Starting with 1km on the 1st January, & adding 1km each day. Finally finishing on 31km on 31st, covering 496 km for the whole month.
BRONZE:  A minimum of 1 mile everyday in January amounting to 31 miles, or more, for the month.

**over 75 people taking part in the January challenge**

You can find us on Facebook & Instagram:

So far our challenge has included participants from Australia, Spain and Israel! 
Thank you for supporting The Motivator Challenge and 
Fair Frome. 

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04 Dec, 2020

Kelvin Prince
03 Dec, 2020

Sara Marshall
02 Dec, 2020

Update from Ryan

Over 6500km completed by the December Challengers. Fantastic effort from all involved. January challenge is now in progress and February entries now live!

(Update posted on January 10, 2021 23:02)

Ryan's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 42 days.

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Gift Aid: £37.50
Total raised: £207.50
Ryan is fundraising for Fair Frome

An organisation working with local people from all backgrounds to promote greater equality
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About The Motivator Challenge January 2021

Keep active during the month. Run, walk, swim or cycle to achieve your goal. Team support on Facebook and WhatsApp. Event details above and on social media.

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