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Between 23rd and 26th November, Sarvat Hasin and I will be walking the Camino Finisterra for Fences & Frontiers!

Known as the “end of the world trail”, this 100km trek from Compostela de Santiago to the Cape Fisterra lighthouse on the Galician coast has been a pilgrimage for many centuries (even before the Christian pilgrims came, the Phoenicians were crossing the hills to worship their sun god here).

Through this fundraiser, we are aiming to raise the funds needed to help pay for walking boots, and travel costs for Fences & Frontiers participants. 

I founded Fences & Frontiers in 2016, with a groups of friends, with the aim of making London a more welcoming, supportive and inspiring place for refugees and asylum seekers. Through putting on walks, cultural activities and more, we provide people with a sense of community, a chance to escape their day-to-day struggles  - and some hope for their future.

If you’d like to find out a little more about what Fences & Frontiers does, below are a couple of recent articles about our work: 

Huge thanks for your generosity – it’ll push Sarvat and I through the pain and (highly, highly  likely) rain in Spain! xx


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