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LGBTQ+ issues have become very real to me over the past couple of years.

The first time my youngest child told me that he wanted to be a boy and not the girl he was born as, I reacted angrily.

The second time he brought the subject up I realised that it didn't matter what he wanted to present himself as. He is still my child and I don't love him any less because my daughter is happier being my son.

I realised how brave he was to start the conversation; how difficult it must be for him. It makes me proud.

So now Luke is on the long journey to live as the gender that he truly believes he is.

He has only recently starting going to the Q:Alliance youth group. Before this his main support group outside of family and gender counselling was online. With strangers all over the UK. Now he is getting to know local kids dealing with similar issues. Now he has somewhere to go to share what's going on.

So, during 2018 I am going to raise funds for Q:Alliance to ensure that there is always somewhere safe for kids like Luke to go.

In February I will be running the re-scheduled MK Winter Half (it was supposed to take place in December but snow happened!)

In March I will run 20 Miles at the MK Festival of running:

In June I will run 53 Miles from Arundel To Winchester along the South Downs Way:

I'll add some more events later in the year to make up the 100! Only 14 to go!

Q:alliance is a registered charity that provides support, information and representation for the LGBTQ+ people who live, work and play in Milton Keynes. Since we were founded in 1998 we have helped the local LGBTQ+ community in a variety of ways, for instance through our HQMK Youth Group, TYMK Youth Group, General Assembly, publishing local events, social groups and our Counselling Service.