A fundraising project by Tracy Clarke

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Those that know me will know I have a passion for running,
Four year's ago I ran the London Marathon with several injuries, it was painfully and emotional but I did get to the end and collect my meda.
However I felt I had unfinished business, so here I am again training 4 time's a week for the Brighton Marathon on 15th April 2018, I am asking myself why am I putting myself through this once again... I must be mad.

My daughter (Phoebe) is a MKCA cheer leader which she love's,This has been such an important part of her life and truly has given her the confidence she lacked, I volunteered to be a Team mum, to help in any way I can.

MK Cheerleading Academy (MKCA) are a non-profit community organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of young people. MKCA is recognised as one of the UK's most successful youth programs, as well as one of Britain's best all-round cheer programmes. MKCA's mission is to inspire young people to reach their full potential, by providing: the highest level of training and coaching, structured engagement in a team environment and providing excellent opportunities to develop leadership skills.

I ask you to just donate £1 if that's all you can afford please help me to get to the finish line and support these amazing athletes.

With Love

Tracy and Phoebe xx