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We've got less than 2 weeks until we tackle the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge. We're doing this as a team to raise awareness and funds to allow us to keep providing the game-changing service that we work very hard to deliver. I've already reached £300 which was my original target and I've made the rash decision to double my target. I've done this because £600 will provide 10 months of mentoring to two individuals. After 10 months of engaging in our highly tailored program most offenders feel that they have the self-belief and practical tools to move forward in their lives and leave criminality in their past. The Reasons Why Foundation runs a resettlement mentoring program for ex-offenders across London. We support people who want to change their lives for the better, who need a little bit of understanding and a little less judgment. We help people to realise and believe that they can change and to have real confidence in themselves and in what they can achieve. We work with local employers to ensure that past convictions do not prevent individuals from rebuilding their lives and walking away from crime for good. And we work with probation and other public services to make sure that the right support is received. The world may be deeply flawed, but the more of it I see the more I believe that change could be as simple as not being so afraid of each other, finding the courage to believe in each other, and celebrating our potential, not focusing on our failures and the failures of others.
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Olivia Washer
02 Jul, 2018
Well done. Love, Liv
Lucia Ferrer
02 Jul, 2018
Great job! Xx
Dorothy Robson
01 Jul, 2018
Well done to all who took part X
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The first thing we do, is listen. For many of our clients, this is the 1st time they've been heard.
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