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With an overly ambitious target of £700 in mind (yes, I do keep changing the amount, just in case you were wondering), I am offering to shave my beard into one of a range of pre-selected choices of mildly humiliating styles. You donate a sum to Space (Aylesbury) and I will video myself shaving my facial hair and then continue to sport the chosen look for a while after. 

A donation of £5 or more gives you the chance to vote for the style of your choice:

  1. The "Dundrearie", or "Piccadilly weeper".  Full side whiskers only. Early Victorian.
  2. The "Burnside". Moustache and "Mutton Chop" Sideburns. The classic Victorian style (pre full-on beards)
  3. The "Doorknocker". As made famous by Charles Dickens. Moustache and fanned-out chin beard.
  4. The "Lincoln". Chin and sides (neat) - no moustache.

I accept that none of these styles are worse than what I already have (A Half-Darwin), but the beard needs to go. It's just too hot.
Additional information available from 4th June 2020 at www.aylesburyspace.co.uk/waynes-beard/

Please add a comment when you donate, stating which beard style you are voting for (number 1, 2, 3 or 4).

*All images are an artists impression - real results may vary.
** The "Dundrearie" may have optional 'under the chin' fuzz

Grillo Brizzolato
07 Jul, 2020

donation from ugo

Robert Taylor      Top Donor     
15 Jun, 2020

Great idea Wayne. Style no2 gets my vote..

Jean Cowell
15 Jun, 2020

Great thinking Wayne - thanks - lets see then! Jean

Update from Tara

You can still donate to Space. The winning beard, declared 16/6/20. the Burnside. If I can get any more donations I will convert this to Beard style 1 next week aylesburyspace.co.uk

(Update posted on June 16, 2020 13:06)
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