Everest challenge

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Most people who climb Everest start from base camp at 5550m, so only actually climb 3300m, but I'm planning to go from sea level and do the full 8848m!!

OK, I'm not exactly going to be going to Nepal, more likely it will be Leatherhead Leisure Centre. And I won't be battling altitude sickness, just battling the queues for the step machine, but I see that as an equally difficult challenge!! : )

Joking apart I will try to climb the 8848m in 30 days, before the end of August, so that works out to around 300m a day. Put another way, that's like climbing to the top of the shard every day for 30 days!!

Anyway, I'm doing this for an amazing charity called Yorda Adventures. If you haven't heard of them take 2 mins out to click on the link below or cut and paste it into your browser, or simply google them!


I'm hoping to raise £3,000 to help them fund the building of a sound garden and a mud garden, which are amazing forms of sensory play for the children. Learning new sounds and what makes them, plus learning about new textures is a really fun way to help the children develop new skills.

If you can only spare 50p it all counts, as local giving are also running a competition to boost the fundraisers with the most donations, so your 50p could get me over the line and thus your 50p becomes £1,000.50!

Also, if you're a couple or family, and you would mind splitting your donation that would be amazing. I know it will take a few extra minutes, but 2x £5 donations will help Yorda better than 1x £10.