Global Generation

Global Generation is a north London based charity that supports young people to generate positive change. Global Generation joined Localgiving in 2011 and have raised over £13,000 through the platform including donations, Gift Aid and Match funding.

The Glasshouse Lantern appeal in 2016 was a particular success. This beautiful Glasshouse stands at the back of Global Generation’s ‘Skip Garden’ and has become an iconic building in the local community. The building is constructed from scaffolding, reclaimed windows and a shipping container. This appeal helped raise over £1000 which went towards transforming the building into an active, multi-purpose community learning and creative space.


Global Generation’s founder, Jane Riddiford, initially chose Localgiving over other platforms because of its ‘personal face’ and affordability. Jane sees Global Generation’s Localgiving membership as key factor in Global Generation’s future sustainability. The funding gained through Localgiving, alongside their trading activities, help Global Generation avoid some of the pitfalls faced by other small charities and community groups. As Jane has explained:

“Our delivery is really diverse, from running community activities and workshops to masters programmes. Global Generation take a holistic view of creating positive change. We work in an ecological way that is congruent with the message. It is important that we work with funders and have funding sources that fit with this world view. The funding we receive through Localgiving is an important part of our funding mix and helps us avoid mission creep – a problem often faced by groups who need to chase grants and contracts”.

To find out more about Global Generation or get involved as a volunteers, a fundraiser or a donor, please visit: