Great Lever Voice

We had a chat with Great Lever Voice to find out about the excellent work they have been doing for young girls in a deprived area. Read on to find out more…

With the funding from Localgiving we are able to help 16 young girls who are at their last year in junior school. They all come from vulnerable families in Highfield in Farnworth. We wanted to catch them at this age so we can help them with the transition into secondary school.

The never miss a session and never moan when we do the educational part first on keeping safe in their area. Highfield is a very deprived area in Farnworth and there are no facilities to cater for this age group. The only problem we have now are that lads their age want us to start a group for them so we are now looking for further funding so we can support and help them.

The sessions: When they arrive at 6.00pm we always give them something to eat and drink as if their tummies are grumbling they cannot concentrate. It’s normally a sandwich or a slice of pizza or hot dog. We help the young girls by teaching then about keeping safe in their community. We teach them about home safety, fire awareness, drugs, alcohol and smoking awareness, safeguarding, first aid etc. The girls also make crafts, for example bracelets, key rings, lavender bags etc. For the last 15 mins we play games or they play badminton or table tennis.

Pic 3

We also do dance and keep-fit lessons with them. The girls all love it and we have a WhatsApp chat with their parents where we receive loads of good comments from them. The group is all girls but we are looking for some more funding so we can start a group with the young lads to help more people - we have about 12 waiting to join currently. When it’s time to go home at 7.30pm they always moan and want to stay longer. Without this funding these children would not be able to attend our sessions.

Our latest volunteer is called Deana who lives in Highfield. She was so pleased when I explained to her how we had managed to get the funding. She said it is just what is needed in Highfield.

“They are a lovely group of young girls who come every week to have fun and to learn new skills. Their parents seem really grateful at what we are doing with the young girls.”

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