Striking a Match: Incentivised Giving Report 2016

The key results & learnings from our 2015 Incentivised Giving Programme

Match fund report 2016

Screen Shot 2016 08 03 at 16.36.33Striking a Match: Incentivised Giving Report 2016 outlines the key results and learnings from the various match fund campaigns Localgiving ran throughout 2015 as part of its Incentivised Giving Programme. It includes both campaign data and survey feedback received from Localgiving's participating groups and donors.  

Download the full PDF report here.

Online fundraising and digital marketing, previously the preserve of larger charities, are becoming increasingly accessible to small charities and community groups. However, many local charities and community groups lack the capacity, skills and confidence to fully engage with this technology. 

We launched our Incentivised Giving Programme in 2015 with a view to expanding upon the traditional concept of match funding and exploring new mechanisms that can be used to encourage people to give. The programme is designed to support grassroots groups to engage with digital technology and develop practical fundraising experience, whilst reaching new donors and raising funds for their cause. 

The premise of ‘incentivised giving’ is simple: People can be motivated to donate or increase their donation to charitable causes if they are offered an “incentive” to do so. We believe this initial incentive can connect people with local charities and act as a catalyst for building durable donor relationships. 

The long term goal of this programme is to protect the UK’s vibrant local voluntary sector and enable thousands of charitable groups to continue supporting people in their communities.

The aims of this report are to: 
  • Understand the results and impact of the campaigns that were ran in 2015 
  • Inform and help to refine Localgiving’s ongoing and future incentivised giving initiatives 
  • Contribute to the wider fundraising sector knowledge base and discussion on the benefits of incentivisation 
  • Enable funders to understand the characteristics of each campaign model and better align future contributions with their particular objectives. 
 Key results of our 2015 Incentivised Giving Programme:
  • Amount raised: £834,224
  • Participating groups: 1,288
  • Average amount raised per group (through campaigns): £648
  • Participating supporters: 16,561



Match funding makes a big difference, especially as charities are so stretched at the moment with the lessening of support from statutory funding bodies

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