Magic Little Grants 2023 is now open for applications! 

After successfully distributing £500 grants to 2,650 charitable organisations in 2022, we’re incredibly excited to announce that 2023 is going to be even bigger and better than ever before... you won't want to miss out! 

Applications are now open and will be until 31st October 2023. 

With a simple 20-minute application process for a £500 grant and an outcome within six weeks, the Magic Little Grants fund reduces the work required for grass-roots organisations to access the funding they need to launch or strengthen their services. The following criteria apply:

  • Organisations must either be in their first year of operation or have an annual income under £250,000.

  • Funding can be used to launch new projects, support existing ones, or cover core costs associated with ongoing work.

  • Organisations and the projects for which they apply must be located within England, Scotland, or Wales,

Please note that schools are eligible to apply if they are a registered charity. Groups in Northern Ireland are not eligible to apply for this funding. Groups may only apply once in 2023 for a grant.

See below on how to apply 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the support and contributions from the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, who make this programme possible. The six funding trusts from the People’s Postcode Lottery who we will be collaborating with to administer our biggest ever Magic Little Grants programme in 2023 are: 


This year we will be funding more organisations than we ever have before and we will still be spreading this funding out far and wide across the country. Applicants may apply for funding for projects under one of the following themes

  • Providing support to improve mental health.

  • Enabling participation in physical activity.

  • Enabling participation in the arts.

  • Preventing or reducing the impact of poverty.

  • Supporting marginalised groups and tackling inequality.

  • Improving biodiversity and responding to the climate emergency.

  • Improving green spaces and increasing access to the outdoors.


If you are a member,  you can now log in to your Localgiving charity account  to apply  via the My Grants menu

If not,  click here to get started  with your application today. 


2022 1

Magic Little Grants 2022

We distributed £1.325m, our biggest ever year, with £500 grants to 2,650 charitable organisations, focusing on eight different funding areas from across the UK. Once again, we'd like give a massive thank you to the support and contributions from the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Nova Sports and Coaching - "We are very thankful for coming across your platform to help us improve our community. Localgiving has been an ABSOLUTE GAMECHANGER for us ! We are constantly recommending you to other charitable organisations as well as the invaluable Magic Little Grants fund!" 

MLG 2021

Magic Little Grants 2021

We distributed £1m to 2000 charitable organisations delivering projects falling within 8 diverse funding themes.

Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance (LNA) - "We are so grateful to Magic Little Grants 2021 for supporting our cause, neurological patients in Lincolnshire have benefitted from our determination to fight for better services, to listen to what patients say is needed and push for change. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"


2020 MLG

Magic Little Grants 2020

We distributed £469,000 to 938 organisations delivering sports or physical activities across the UK.

Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club - "Once again, Magic Little Grants has enabled us to think outside the box and keep kids active during a national Lockdown. Without this support, we wouldn't have been able to do that. Thank you."



MLG 2019 square2

Magic Little Grants 2019

We distributed £458,500 to 917 local charities and community groups delivering sports or physical activities across the UK.

Flamingo Chicks, who received a grant to provide sensory kits for disabled children to attend dance classes, said: “The grant had a huge impact! It's a great scheme. We love Localgiving, it’s so easy to use and has been instrumental in our organisation’s success.”

Featherstone Rovers Foundation, who received a grant to deliver a range of activities to encourage more young people to try Rugby League, said: “It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to complete a straight forward funding application and reporting process!”

MLG 2018 square

Magic Little Grants 2018

We distributed £215,000 in grants to 430 small charities and community groups delivering sports or physical activities across the UK.

Leith Community Archers, who received a grant to help them purchase new archery equipment, said: “It has been tremendous, one of our members who uses a wheelchair has progressed to be an instructor through use of the equipment. This has inspired other members to want to do the same.”

Happy Wanderers Ambulance Organisation who used their grant to provide free transport for older people and wheelchair users to access local physical activities, responded: “It is so good to have grant funding earmarked specifically for the very small charities in the community and open to requests for core funding”.

MLG 2017 square2

Magic Little Grants 2017

We distributed £100,000 in grants to 205 local charities and community groups. Grants, of £250 and £500, were given to projects that seek to increase participation in exercise and healthy activities.

LEGS (London Exercise Group for Stroke), who received a grant to increase access to physical activities for stroke survivors, said "We are so grateful for the funding we have received and it was such a smooth process with great communication from you at all stages."

The 2000 Club, a disability focused sports group in Heston, added "Everything that [Localgiving] promised to do from applying to receiving the funds went through smoothly.”