Marketing Ideas and Tips For Your Charity

By Localgiving

Retaining and cultivating donors costs less than acquiring new ones. Nurture relationships and guide individuals to the next level of engagement. Treat them as long-term partners who share the same passion and demonstrate the impact of their support. Ensure they stay updated by encouraging them to follow on social media and sign up to newsletters. Set targets, calendar reminders and track progress. Review your progress regularly. 

Newsletters are important because a third of donations are due to email. It is essential to email donors a regular update, even if you can only manage twice a year. Keep your network in the loop, showing them what their donations have enabled and sharing future plans. Even newspapers can work a charm as a form of promotion.

Set up a Google Alert for certain words or names in your article ( This will generate an email to you if your article is published online. It is also good practice to set up a Google Alert for your organisation’s name as this will alert you to any newly published online content and enable you to share positive media.


Our Top Digital Marketing Tips:

  1. You can schedule social media posts via a free multi-platform resource such as Hootsuite or directly on Facebook.

  2. When writing a Facebook post, instead of clicking Post, there is a drop down arrow where you can choose to Schedule it to go out on a date and time of your choice. This saves time as you can schedule multiple posts in one go to regularly promote your campaign.

  3. Social media posts highlight how easy it is to support you, why you need funding and why you are the best way for this to be achieved. Include a line that encourages people to share the post, helping to spread the word. 

  4. Ensure all social media posts are visual, increasing the likelihood of them being looked at. This could be in the form of a picture or video. If you lack content then there are sites that provide free and high quality media that you can download, such as Pexels or Giphy. 

  5. Explore a free design programme such as Canva, which allows you to make any visual resource to a high standard. This includes posters, social media images and bespoke dimensions that you can design and then download. You can use Canva’s high quality images and elements or upload your own. You can also make an image that includes text, which summarises your campaign. It is possible to link your account with those of your colleagues and share branding colours.