Match funds

Localgiving runs a range of campaigns, all designed to encourage people to give more  to their local charities and community groups. Although the campaigns vary in design, the concept of 'match funding'  has always remained central to our work.

So what is match funding?

Match funding is a simple idea. During a match fund campaign,  every donation is either guaranteed or given an equal chance of being matched. The amount and type of donation matched varies depending upon the specific match fund campaign running.

A typical match fund would work like this:

£10.00 Your donation
+ £10.00 Donation matched by Localgiving/match fund partner
+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid (For UK taxpayers)

After a small processing fee, a £10 single donation with Gift Aid means the charity typically receives £21.67* A £10 donation without Gift Aid means the charity receives £19.18*. You can read more about our fees here.

Match fund models

We run two different kinds of match fund campaign:

Deterministic match funds: all donations are guaranteed to be matched, subject to the donation meeting the terms of the campaign.

Randomised match funds: a donation may or may not be matched according to predetermined or random criteria.

We have also begun exploring different types of incentive such as competitions.  

Grow Your Tenner 

Grow Your Tenner is our flagship annual national match fund campaign. This is a deterministic match fund, meaning that all donations are guaranteed to be matched, subject to the donation meeting the terms of the campaign.

During Grow Your Tenner, all donations of up to £10 are matched until the full match fund is emptied.  Grow Your Tenner 2015 matched one-time donations of up to £10 and regular monthly donations of up to £10 for three months. 2015 was the fourth successive year of the campaign. 2016's campaign is due to launch at 10am on Tuesday the 18th of October.

Grow Your Tenner has raised over £5 million for local charities and community groups across the UK over the last five years.

All Localgiving members are automatically included. If you are not already a member and would like to sign your organisation up to take part in this year's campaign, you can join Localgiving here.

“The Grow Your Tenner campaign is simply amazing. It encourages people to give and give more frequently. For a small charity such as ours, the Grow Your Tenner campaign has seen donations increase at a vital time of the year when quite often, we struggle.”

- Kari Lucas, St Werburghs City Farm


Our #GiveMe5 campaigns are randomised match funds. During these campaigns, every £5 donation made to a participating charity is placed into a draw to be doubled by an extra £5 of match funding. 

In 2015 all three of our GiveMe5 campaigns saw us match 1,000 x £5 donations made during three distinct 24hr periods.

Incentivised Giving Programme

All of the above campaigns form part of our Incentivised Giving Programme.

The premise  of  ‘incentivised giving’ is simple: people can be motivated to donate or increase the value of their donation to charitable causes if they are offered an “incentive” to do so.

We are always designing and refining our campaigns in order to suit the different needs and strengths of our members.  

The ultimate goal of this programme is to help us achieve our mission, to "safeguard the sustainability of the local voluntary sector by empowering charitable organisations to connect with supporters, fundraise online and take control of their future".

See our Terms of Service

 *depending upon payment method used.

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Like many of the thousands of groups we work with, Localgiving is also working towards sustainability. By diversifying our income sources to include earned income, grants and generous donations from philanthropists, corporates and other funders, our hope is that we can continue to serve the local voluntary sector long into the future.

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