Pregnancy Crisis Centre 

"We joined Localgiving some years ago now. It was attractive to us at the time in helping us raise awareness of our charity and of our services and needs online. It also gave us a helpful and easier way for people to donate to us online, which at that time was not as common or easy to do as it is now! We have been involved in the match-funding appeals, and other events, as well as putting up projects and other appeals.  People have been able to undertake their own fund-raising / sponsoring activities and use our Localgiving page to donate to us via the link on that page.

We provide free counselling for those facing any kind of pregnancy-related crisis or loss. We also offer pregnancy support - this can be a difficult time for many who have previously lost a baby. Many individuals and couples are seen each year - approximately 180 people per year, with many attending for multiple sessions over several months. Counselling over longer term helps our clients to process their deeply distressing feelings and emotions related to the complex grief of losing a baby, as well as supporting them over difficult dates and anniversaries. We help them process emotions such as grief, loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, anger, guilt and shame. People often are very low and depressed when we first see them, for understandable reasons. Throughout the sessions, self-esteem is built up, emotional pain is released and processed, and relationships often feel strengthened.  As sessions come to an end, people often report feeling a greater sense of peace and hope for their futures ahead. It’s always an absolute privilege to walk alongside them at a very difficult time and offer some care and support at a time of great need."

Some quotes received from our clients:

“Thank you. I always feel so much calmer when I leave the centre. You both give much needed help, with knowledge, experience, compassion and genuine kindness. It is much appreciated.”

“Would recommend this service to anyone; would have been lost without it.”

“I cannot put into words how valuable the counselling I received at the Centre has been and give you all my heartfelt thanks for all the work you do. You are lights in a dark place and the world so needs you.”

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