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Zodiac Arts

  Health & Wellbeing, Community Support & Development

Zimwomen Association Northamptonshire

  NN2 6FB , Northampton
  Community Support & Development, Education & Training
 Volunteers needed

ZigZag Leeds

  Disability, Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Sports & Recreation
 Volunteers needed

Ystradfellte Hall

  CF44 9JE , Aberdar
  Sports & Recreation, Community Support & Development, Health & Wellbeing
 Volunteers needed

Ysgol Tir Morfa PTA

  Disability, Health & Wellbeing

Ysgol Bro Gwaun PTA

  SA65 9DT , Fishguard
  Education & Training
 Volunteers needed

YPI Counselling

  RG21 4AF , Basingstoke
  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Health & Wellbeing, Education & Training
 Volunteers needed

Youthline Ltd

  RG12 7QS , Bracknell
  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring
 Volunteers needed

Youth Works (Corby & Kettering) CIC

  NN16 9HX , Kettering
  Education & Training, Health & Wellbeing, After School Clubs
 Volunteers needed

Youth Resource Services (The Rendezvous, Sherborne) Ltd

  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Health & Wellbeing, Education & Training

Youth Options

  SO51 8JJ , Romsey
  Social Welfare, Community Support & Development

Young Women's Outreach Project

  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Community Support & Development, Health & Wellbeing

Young People Matter

  SW9 9BY , London
  Community Support & Development, After School Clubs, Education & Training
 Volunteers needed



As part of the N. Ireland #Youth4Peace strategy Beyond Skin are identifying and recruiting Youth4Peace young ambassadors to join a steering group for the campaign to develop, lead the programme and re...

  BT13 2GU , Belfast

Young People's Support Service

New situations require new approaches. Splitz's learning is that, to be effective in delivering support to young people traumatised by domestic abuse, a new model of working is needed to address their...

  BA14 0XG , Trowbridge

Young Carers Activity Fund

To reach out to the Young Carers of Northamptonshire to allow them to meet with their peers, relax, get away from their caring role in a relaxed environment

  NN8 1LU , Wellingborough
 Working in Countywide

Young Brlsi

Young BRLSI is passionate about learning and fun in a relaxing yet academic environment. These workshops are organised in a caring, safe, learning environment which gives children and young people an...

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

We will be leading a one day trip to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks in June 2018

  WN6 0PP , Wigan

Ymca Port Talbot Adventure Club

Port Talbot YMCA Adventure Club gives children, young people and families in Port Talbot and surrounding areas an opportunity to experience alternative sports. We offer weekly sessions of indoor climb...

  SA13 1HU , Port Talbot

Yamsen:speciallymusic Children's Choirs

Each choir meets once a month. The Leeds choirs at Meanwood community centre and the Wakefield one at Manygates Music Centre. They perform at concerts during the year including at the Lord Mayors annu...

  LS28 5TA , Pudsey

Y Bartneriaeth Awyr Agored

Rydym yn ysbrydoli pobl leol i GYMRYD RHAN, gwirfoddoli, ennill cymwysterau, dod o hyd i waith a mwynhau'r awyr agored. Mae yna glybiau i ymuno a chyfleoedd i fynd allan. Ferched, rydym eisiau clywed...

Wscc Dinner - 4Th November 2017

Log in and donate £10 for each ticket you require via this web page, we will easily be able to keep track of who has paid and for what amount. Buying your ticket through LocalGiving also provides an...

  MK19 6BP , Wicken

World Transplant Games

We will raise the funds to send 4 Kidney Transplant Patients to take part in the World Transplant Games.

  SA1 4PT , Abertawe

Women's Entrepreneurship Training & Mentoring

To prevent trafficking and re-trafficking in London and Seattle, HERA provides intensive entrepreneurship training, monthly business seminars, and trained business and career mentors. These interventi...

  SW10 9UL , London
 Working in London

Women Supporting Women

Providing a bi weekly drop in group as well as email, phone and 1:1 appointments.

  NR1 1LX , Norwich

Winter Workout

Gentle weekly exercise opportunity for people with a learning disability to improve their general health and wellbeing. If the weather is fine we go on walks visiting local places of interest. We we...

  KT12 2SR , Walton On Thames

Wimborne Food Bank

Wimborne Food Bank was set up to help those going through a crisis; providing them with emergency food parcels, sources of support and a warm welcome.

  BH1 4HN , Bournemouth

Wills Friends

WILLS FRIENDS aims to create opportunities for life and become the collective voice for those with hidden disabilities and Autism and their families. Our experience has shown that there are many peopl...

  SN16 9AT , Malmesbury
 Working in Malmesbury


£2,521 of £9,000 target

Youth Bus For Young Bristol

Young Bristol has supported young people in our city since 1928. Today, in our 90th year, we urgently need your help to provide a new mobile youth service so we can support an extra 500 children every...

Location: BS1 2AG , Bristol
  Community Support & Development

£427 of £1,000 target

Would You Like To Help Us Unlock Free Money? Your £2 Will Be...

This appeal will enable us to carry out essential specialist repairs to this fantastic old building serving the community of Riverside.

Location: CF11 6JA , Cardiff
  Community Support & Development, Health & Wellbeing, After School Clubs

£91 of £600 target

Workshops Appeal

Careers-Action is launching an appeal to enable us to provide two full-day workshops to train unemployed people of interview preparation, techniques and, NLP this July. Each workshop provides professi...

Location: MK6 2HH , Milton Keynes
  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Community Support & Development, Education & Training

£1,556 of £2,500 target

Wilstock Gardens

Live Naturally CIC is an organisation promoting healthy lifestyle. We run courses for parents and carers and a pre-school focusing on healthy food and outdoor play. We have received planning permiss...

Location: TA6 6AA , Bridgwater
  Health & Wellbeing, Education & Training

£310 of £2,000 target

Will Self Psychogeography Workshop

Introduction to Psychogeography and the Practice of the Dérive 'The dérive can be an extremely powerful creative tool, as well a means of psychological and physiological empowerment.' On the 11th Ju...

Location: BS6 6PF , Bristol
  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring

£85 of £1,000 target

Welcome New Syrian Family

Milton Keynes is taking part in welcoming Syrian families that have been affected by the crisis. The MECG is working with the local relevant authorities to help make them feel home. Please donate to h...

Location: MK8 8NP , Milton Keynes
  Arts, Culture & Heritage, Community Support & Development

£425 of £2,500 target

Website For Granny! A Digital Library For Your Stories.

Of course e-books need a home. We need a website and I want a super-duper one so that all the countries that are part of the Learn with Grandma network can have their own page and store all of their e...

Location: SA20 0NZ , Llandovery
  It & Technology, Education & Training, Social Welfare

£4,838 of £5,000 target

Walk 25

Every year we bring compassion and hope to more than 2,000 families and individuals. Help us celebrate our 25th birthday by investing in our next 25. On June 23 we'll be walking 25 miles along the Ta...

Location: CF24 3BX , Cardiff
  Social Welfare, Counselling, Advice & Mentoring

£1,217 of £1,800 target

Volcano Climbing Cave

Volcano offers both free and very affordable activities for young people of all ages. These range from creative movement and theatre classes through to fancy dress and story workshops - as well as a n...

Location: SA1 1LG , Swansea
  After School Clubs, Community Support & Development, Education & Training

£3,991 of £5,000 target

Treasure Hunt Play Area Appeal

Stockport Council has £1,702 in commuted sums set aside for improvements to Children's Play in Marple Memorial Park. This year the Family Treasure Hunt organised by Julian Wadden and Friends of Memori...

Location: SK6 7QX , Stockport
  Community Support & Development, Environment, Sports & Recreation

£0 of £1,500 target

Therapeutic Breaks

We know that for many families with disabilities taking a holiday is impossible. This appeal will be able to support us to offer a family a week's theraputic break at our centre in Wales.

Location: SY16 4NU , Y Drenewydd
  Community Support & Development, Disability, Social Welfare

£600 of £2,000 target

The Two Globes Restoration Appeal

BRLSI are looking to raise £2,000 to restore two wonderful antique globes in our collection. This work involves precise conservation work and mechanical cleaning which we estimate will take 3 months.

Location: BA1 2HN , Bath
  Arts, Culture & Heritage

£0 of £150 target

The Swansea Legal Walk

Swansea Legal Walk 2018 The Swansea Legal Walk is a 5km sponsored walk around the city to raise money for local advice services.The need for free legal advice centres has grown in the past few years....

Location: SA61 2LH , Haverfordwest
  Counselling, Advice & Mentoring, Health & Wellbeing, Disability

£20 of £40,000 target

The Life Of Pie (People In Employment)

Young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are often written off by society, but we believe that with a little help, support and creative thinking they should have the opportu...

Location: WN6 0PP , Wigan
  Social Welfare, Health & Wellbeing

£210 of £10,000 target

Ten For A Tenner

We all struggle and have times in our life when we turn to those around us - our family and friends. More than half of parents in Wales have experienced loneliness, and when a crisis hits the family,...

Location: CF37 5BE , Pontypridd
  Social Welfare, Health & Wellbeing



Swansea Half Marathon For Cruse Bereavement Care

Hello- I have set myself the challenge of running Swansea Half Marathon in June and have decided to raise money for Cruse Bereavement Care Morgannwg. As many of you know, I am currently training with...

 Saffron Rees fundraising for


Susie's 100Km Craziness!

Sometimes you just get sucked in to doing something crazy. Anyone who knows me will appreciate that the idea of me cycling 100km is totally bonkers! But here I am, aiming to do just that in aid of a...

 Susie Goss fundraising for


Supplymatch Recruitment

At SupplyMatch Recruitment we strongly believe in community partnerships and showcasing our beautiful region. We work with schools across the North East providing supply cover for absent staff. As wel...

 Gail Anderson fundraising for


Sunshine And Smiles

Hi guys It’s that time of year again, trainers are back out ready to do the jane Tomlinson 10k run on 8th July. This will be my 3rd run raising money for the beloved sunshine and smiles, which is a c...

 sharon Townsend fundraising for


Sunshine & Smiles On The Great North Run

I have been helping a fantastic little charity in Leeds that supports the families and children impacted by Down syndrome. The charity aims to improve the lives and opportunities for children and you...

 Greg Houfe fundraising for


Sponsored Slim For Tonic Music For Mental Health

Hi, I’m Ant I am doing a sponsored slim to raise money for Tonic Music for Mental Health and it would be great if you could sponsor me. Over the years I have struggled with my weight and realized it...

 Anthony Banks fundraising for


Sponsored No Carb Month!

So my story is quite simple. I am lucky enough to be the aunt of a beautiful 10 year old girl called Lillie. Lillie battles daily against type 1 diabetes. Type 1 is affecting more and more children ev...

 Tamsin Forsey fundraising for


Spirit Of The Bars Tribe

We The Underground Bradford and a group of our underground team and some of our customers will be taking part in the Dragon Boat Race To raise money for the Lord Mayors appeal. Obviously we would love...

 Spirit of the bars Tribe fundraising for


Spencer Simmons Cycles Lejog For Pramdepot

At 60 Spencer is finally putting his legs where his mouth is and doing what he has talked about for many years, which is to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, a journey of about 1100 miles. The p...

 Manda Simmons fundraising for


Space Warriors For Bradford Lord Mayors Appeal

On Saturday 23rd June, some of the Teledyne Defence & Space team will be hitting the water (hopefully not literally!) and racing the dragon at Bradford's Dragon Boat Festival to raise money for the Br...

 Teledyne Defence & Space fundraising for


Sophia's Pretty Muddy Challenge

Sophia's cousin Aidan Outen unfortunately passed away from Burkitt's Leukaemia at the age of 12, The only thing Aidan complained about was being bored. So Aldan's Activity Fund was set up to combat bo...

 miranda Underwood fundraising for


Snowdonia Challenge 2018

THE SNOWDONIA CHALLENGE The Challenge is a brand new and unique event which started in North Wales in 2017. The only event of its kind in the UK! Not being for the faint hearted, to take on the full...

 Charles Hawkins fundraising for


Snowdon Walk For Angela Bird Charity

A year ago, I was introduced to an amazing family who runs a local bereavement charity to help people who are struggling after losing someone and help them be around people again. This is a non profit...

 Laura Kendall fundraising for


Snowdon Challenge

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands. I’ve climbed this befo...

 Jamie Austin fundraising for


Snowdon - Reaching New Heights

Five members of the FinTrU Mountaineering & Orienteering Group are heading to Wales on the morning of August 31st 2018, with seven others, to climb Snowdon. At 1,085m it is the highest mountain in Wal...

 FinTrU Ltd fundraising for