Skillswithlils donates Christmas.

With Christmas fast approaching, most kids are thinking more about decorations, advent calendars and what Santa will be bringing down the chimney. But not all children! Nine year old Lily in North Yorkshire, hated the idea that there are families out there that will go without a Christmas dinner, so decided to do something about it!

Her parents know a little about helping those in need, as they run, Closer Communities, a group that came together during the Covid-19 lockdown to support parents/carers that have disabilities, additional needs or complex medical needs.  

After talking to mum and dad, she decided to fund-raise for five families in need of Christmas cheer by doing jobs, chores, selling cakes and volunteering her time at events up until 16th December with an aim of getting everything needed for dinner on December 25th. Lily would buy and deliver the meal myself using the money raised.

The original target was £150, but that target’s already been smashed, at the time of writing (Nov 28th) it’s £399 + £56 of Gift Aid. This is enough for even more families to have Christmas dinner, but also to help pay for their increasingly costly gas/electricity with which to cook it.

Families can be nominated through this form (nominations close 11th December).  

All at Localgiving are delighted to be able to support Lily with her efforts, and we caught up with her proud dad, Graham Porter, who told us; “We use Localgiving because the process of setting a fundraiser up is so straightforward. Less fees means more for charities and groups. A big thank you for your support Localgiving.”

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