Localgiving campaigns are designed to give small local charities the opportunity to take part in national fundraising initiatives; gain practical online fundraising experience and develop connections with new and existing supporters. All Localgiving charity members are automatically included in each of our national campaigns.

Each campaign forms part of our Incentivised Giving Programme, which uses match funding incentives to encourage donations and support for local groups. Dates of upcoming campaigns are included on our events calendar

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Local Hero

Local Hero 2018 will launch on 1st April and run until 30th April. Local Hero highlights the incredible ideas and feats of local charity fundraisers - with a £1000 top prize to be won. Now is the time to turn those budding athletes, artists or acrobats into fundraisers for your cause!

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Grow Your Tenner

Grow Your Tenner 2017 has now come to an end! We have matched £200,000 worth of donations in 1 week. Thank you to all of the charities, community groups, fundraisers and donors who made this such a special campaign!

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Winter Giving

We are delighted to announce that our campaign winners were Pentrebane Zone with a mighty 70 unique donations. Well done also to Borderlands and Manor Gardens for making it a tight contest.

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Small Charity Week

The Small Charity Week Match Fun was a huge success. On Thursday 22nd June 2017 we matched one-time donations to local charities by up to £25. Overall, £56k was raised for over 360 charities in just 30 mins!

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Our #GiveMe5 campaigns match 1,000 x £5 donations made over a 24hr period. We ran three #GiveMe5 campaigns in 2016 for Small Charity Week, Giving Tuesday and Local Charities Day.

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